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Happy Tuesday..!! Good Morning..!!

"Each Morning we are born again. what we do today is what matters the most"

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Hi Vijay Rana,
Please find. I finished the course last summer. Are you still in the uni?


I am looking for this book as a free pdf. Could anyone please help me?
A First Course in Numerical Methods by Chen Greif and Uri M. Ascher
ISBN: 978-0-898719-97-0

I looking for Adobe CC Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator on mac bi sure. Does anybody know how to get those for free?

Anyone know how to get MATLAB R2020a or MATLAB R2020b? Would really appreciate it.

anyone with good bin numbers and the best cc store around?

New offer: Free Price Gun (Puma Label Gun- Box Label (45K)


WHO and UNICEF will be launching a Global Progress Report on WASH in health care facilities. The report, Fundamentals first: Universal water, sanitation, and hygiene services in health care facilities

Hi Guys, I am back to my massage work after UK lockdown.
You are invited to come and enjoy my great massage again.
Tel: 074 8733 3825 (UK ONLY)

We are very proud to share an independent study that does just that. Published by Bionics for Everyone, which functions as a Consumer Reports and knowledge hub for the prosthetics industry