Welcome to UnzeenU – an innovative new communications tool to connect with friends, family and the general public.

Using our revolutionary new platform, you can create an account that enables you to leave messages for people in your local area and around the world using state-of-the-art message tagging technology.

UnzeenU makes connecting with the people around you simple. Using this new kind of communications platform, you can send messages to any UnzeenU user even without knowing your contact’s  phone number, name or personal details.

Simply compose your message and leave it with the UnzeenU system using one of our message tagging systems. Leave a message tagged to a specific location, send it directly to your contact using their vehicle registration, a magic word or leave messages for entire groups of people at a specific event. 

Verified UnzeenU accounts can leave messages tagged to:

  • A ‘Magic Word’ 
  • Locations
  • Phone number
  • Timestamps
  • Event
  • Addresses
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Name
  • Personal Details

We ensure that your message is safe on UnzeenU until it is  found by the person you want to contact by preserving your message on our system.

So, If you have some one you lost contacts with or just  want to save your love and messages for someone to be found in future, UnzeenU is the best solution.


UnzeenU was conceived as a new kind of communications platform to build connections and bring people together. We envision a service that makes connecting with people you encounter in public easier than ever. You can tag messages with the location where you met that person, the time you met them, the event you met them at, or the vehicle plate they were driving in.

Using our message tagging system, your communication power extends beyond the numbers in your contact book. UnzeenU gives you the capability to reach a wider network of people than ever before, and reach out to the potential contacts in your local vicinity.

UnzeenU was also imagined as a service with the potential to reconnect family members with each other using the several different message tagging options UnzeenU has to offer.

With UnzeenU you don’t have to know someone’s phone number to get a message to them. You don’t even have to know their name. Simply tag your message using one of the options provided, and you can get your message safely and securely to anyone you encounter.

Your possibilities for connection and networking are expanded. Expand your networks, build connections and seek out new and old friends with UnzeenU’s new and revolutionary technology. With the boundaries of communication no longer limited to specific mobile phone devices, the potential to connect with the people around you becomes limitless.

Unzeenu.com is managed by unzeenu.com Ltd in the United Kingdom with the registered trademarks and intellectual properties protected by the UK and international protocols. We believe in fair product and services in keeping with domestic and international laws.


As UnzeenU is a public platform, we strongly encourage our services users to use this communications tool in a considerate, responsible manner. All UnzeenU members are verified by our security checking system and linked to an email or phone number, although we do allow our users to keep their account details private from public view.

UnzeenU members must accept full responsibility for their message content, and commit to our community rules that ensure a safe and positive messaging experience for all of our users.

UnzeenU members must abide by our policy of respecting other members on the platform. We do allow minors to use our platform with the consent of their legal guardian, so we ask our users to bear this in mind when posting messages that could potentially be seen by young people.


We  encrypt UnzeenU incoming and outgoing trasmissions with Strong SHA2 & 2048-bit encryption, which means that UnzeenU members should be aware of this when posting personal information. Please read our full privacy Policy with the link below for more information.

Any messages found to violate the UnzeenU community code will be deleted, and your case will be sent before a panel to determine whether the account is allowed to stay active.

If you have been removed from UnzeenU you will be barred from making a new account to protect our community of users. UnzeenU also reserves the right to report any messages in violation of national or international laws to the relevant authorities.

Please read the full UnzeenU Terms & Conditions for more information about our terms of service and community standards.