Reduce Your Risk and Stop the Damage from Phishing

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Reduce  Your Risk and Stop the Damage from Phishingyes

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Office 365 and G Suite require a modern, cloud native email security solution to protect against advanced threats, which legacy email gateway technology just isn’t designed to catch. Only GreatHorn delivers a next generation email security platform purpose-built for cloud-based communications systems.

Built on a foundation of machine learning and automation, GreatHorn delivers the industry’s most effective and comprehensive email security solution, and can be deployed and operational in less than 5 minutes. 

Threat Intelligence Alone Isn’t Enough

Legacy email security products rely on outdated, inaccurate, and inadequate threat detection models that put your organization at risk. Antiquated good/bad techniques struggle to identify more advanced threats such as business email compromise, impersonation, brand lookalikes, and advanced business service spoofing attacks.

Detect Every Type of Threat

GreatHorn automatically and continuously analyzing hundreds of data points – using data science, machine learning techniques, technical analysis, as well as threat intelligence and community threat data – clearly marking the risk factors any given email poses.

GreatHorn’s dynamic threat detection recognizes all types of email-borne threats—widespread malware, emergent attack patterns, 

Adaptive Threat Analytics

GreatHorn’s proprietary risk and reputation analysis expands threat detection beyond known malicious threats to include highly suspicious emails based on multiple vectors, keeping your organization and employees safer than ever before.

Community Threat Intelligence

GreatHorn’s Community Threat Intelligence combines traditional threat intelligence with our own active data set to identify risks before they can do damage. 

Stop Business Email Compromise Attacks with Full Lifecycle Email Security

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