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R3 Physiotherapy

Simplifies the recovery process by empowering you to become a master of your body

Gives Fantastic tips to maintain strength throughout your life leaving you feeling resilient revitalised and relieved check it out 


Meet our Founder

Ryan Johnson’s desire to understand how the human body works enabled him to pursue a career in physiotherapy. After graduating from The University of Hertfordshire and devoting his time to studying the human anatomy, he concluded that simple solutions was missing in practice. His passion propelled him into a career focused on muscle and joint problems. Furthermore, to provide his clients with optimal recovery, Ryan went on to train and qualify in various treatment techniques including; acupuncture, spinal manipulation, nutrition and cognitive behavioural therapy. Ryan’s experiences have led him to develop his own brand and company R3 Physiotherapy, where the logic has been put back into physiotherapy. This has successfully helped thousands of patients recover at an outstanding rate. Ryan continues to dedicate his time as a practitioner throughout the UK, helping those in need of his services leaving them feeling Resilient, Revitalised, Relieved.