ABEL Magic

Magic From your Dreams

International Hero Magician now in town. Available for your events, clubs parties or even mega festivals Do not miss to experience his amazing and unexplained miracle magics that we have never seen before Contact us below and join his next event or invite his team for any of your memorable events. About Abel Magic: Megyes Abel was born in Romania. He was 6 years old when he discovered how fascinating magic was and decided to dedicate his life to this Art. As a teenager in his high school summer break he experimented his magic abilities on the streets of Budapest in Hungary where he drawn big crowds of tourists and offered them the experience they’ve never had before. By the age of 20, after winning a Magic contest in Berlin - the capital of Germany, he became a professional Entertainer and was hired by different event organizers to perform magic shows. Later on, he moved to England and became a member of British Magical Society - the oldest magic society in the world, now reaching its 110 years of existence. In 2012 he won the British M Society Annual Close Up Magic Competition. Following his dream, he decided to work for the biggest cruise line company in USA, Carnival Cruise Lines. After performing hundreds of shows Abel was considered one of the top entertainers on Carnival Cruise Lines and has been invited by John Heald (CCL Brand Ambassador) to perform for his annual special cruise in front of special guests. Contact below and experience his miracle magic that you have never seen before !!!